Friday, May 17, 2013

Training on Counter Human Trafficking and Migrant smuggling identification with a focus on identification at BCPs and Airports, Blue Mercury hotel and conference centre, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

   On May 2013 ACBC Regional Technical Specialist, Marcellino Ramkishun, attended and delivered a training on Counter Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling.
 IOM Iraq in accordance with their project hosted this training for the immigration department of the international airports of Erbil and Suleimania.
·       The training focused on the following topics :
HT – General briefing and current situation
Investigative options –Counter human trafficking approaches
Types of related Intelligence and the importance of migrants and smugglers in the intelligence cycle.
CT legislation.
Profiling potential HT operations/situations and VoT’s. 

Iraq Immigration Training Erbil-Erbil International Airport staff

Following the Erbil International Airport mock operation


Regional training in Migrant Smuggling Dakar Senegal

On March 16, 2013 ACBC Regional Technical Specialist , Livia Styp-Rekowska attended and delivered a training on Border Management
·       This training focused on migrant smuggling, from the perspective of law enforcement (IBM) and protection (MAD); it was co-facilitated by Laura Lungarotti (MAD), with guest speakers from UNICEF and UNHCR, and ACBC
·       The IBM session focused on: general introduction to integrated border management, general introduction to migrant smuggling (definitions, legal framework) and best practices (including international cooperation)
·       The IBM section contained several group work sessions, including one dedicated to drafting the workshop recommendations (kindly refer to the annex) 
·       Philippe Duporge (CRASAC) and Jean Baile (attache to the Ivorian Ministry of Interior), as well as representatives of the Canadian embassy, participated in all the training sessions

ACBC Colleague Livia, delivering a training. 

Participants group discussion session 

ACBC attended ID Management Workshop

On February 2013 ACBC Colleagues attended the ID Management workshop.

Based on the knowledge gained in the ID Management Workshop, ACBC promote ID management as one of the hallmarks of the ACBC technical expertise by:
  •          Including comprehensive ID management interventions in the projects that the ACBC is endorsing   
  •           Adjust the fundraising/budgeting strategy to be able to fund an ID management expert at the ACBC 
  •      During the IBM Practicum, clarify that IOM strategy with the host governments is that IOM does the initial identity management assessment, provides recommendations, the government selects a private sector partner to implement them but the project is overseen/funding is channeled through IOM as a quality assurance partner 

Monday, May 6, 2013

New Colleague

A new member has just joined IOM ACBC Team. Her name  is Anna Steilen
Karibu Sana Anna