Monday, July 8, 2013

ACBC Practical Training Sea Rescue Techniques - Mtwara CBBM.

30 Participants who were trained under the CBBM project in Mbeya received their second session which is the follow up to the theoretical training.

Officials were briefed and trained on Vessel handling during launching and beaching, approaching persons in the water and coordination of rescues and also trained in retrieving persons from the water and communication with agencies during recues.

ACBC also designed a float plan and provided guidance on administrative issue

Group Photo-Mtwara , Mbeya Marine and Immigration Units.

Marine and Immigration Units Joint patrol of Mtwara Harbor area

Marine and Immigration Unit members entering the water to retrieve persons and assist in rescues. 

Retrieving persons from the water


IOM/ACBC is Collaboration with IOM Regional Office - Pretoria held a Seminar on Labour Migration /Migration & Development in Moshi.

The objectives of this four-day seminar were to deepen the knowledge and sharpen the skills of IOM focal points on labour migration/migration and development in Sub-Saharan Africa in order to facilitate the development of regional proposals and programmes within this thematic area.

It was a wonderful learning experience that combined presentations and discussions on different sub-thematic areas pertaining to labour migration/migration and development in order to impart knowledge and share experiences, interactive discussions and hands-on group work and group presentations on project development in order to further develop and refine skills, and networking among LM/M&D focal points from IOM missions across the sub-regions of West, Central, East, and Southern Africa in order to stimulate greater collaboration and identify common themes and opportunities in various countries for the design and development of additional regional programmatic interventions in the coming months.

Official Group Photo of the Participants

Some participants decided to take the picture with the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro on the Background

Participant listening and taking notes during the Seminar

One of the participants Ms Lalini (Chief of Mission IOM Mauritius) delivering a presentation

PIRS Developer and IT Expert based at ACBC Nikoloz Pepanashvili explaining something to participants  that visited ACBC/TRITA  (Tanzania Regional Immigration Training Academy) PIRS Lab /Training room.

ACBC's Marcellino Ramkishun explaining something regarding the renovation of the  ACBC / TRITA training and conference facilities.

Participants having a refreshment break in the slopes of the breath taking Mount Kilimanjaro

One of the non human hosts at the venue grounds entertaining guest with his poses.