Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Training on OSBP for Tanzania border posts officers in charge.

ACBC in collaboration with IOM Dar es Salaam conducted a trainingTraining on Enhance knowledge and skills of Officer-in-Charge at border posts on SOP on Ethical Practices for Vulnerable Migrants. 24th – 26th Sept. 2013
Participant had theoretical as well as study tour to the new state of the art Holili/ Taveta OSBP on the Tanzania-Kenya Border.
Participants getting a briefing from ACBC RTS Marcellino on why there is a need for OSBPs

Holili/ Taveta OSBP entry/exit gate

Briefing before entering the new state of art OSBP building

Group Photo

Training/group presentation session

Integrated and Humanitarian Border Management Training/Workshop - Kisangani DRC

ACBC Conducted training/facilitate workshop sessions on integrated and humanitarian border management in Kisangani RDC.

• IOM sub-office in Bunia has been working with provincial border
authorities in Province Orientale on the establishment of the provincial level
‘Committee on Integrated Border Management’ which already exists in
Kinshasa at the national level and in several other provinces
To this extent, a workshop was organized in Kisangani on Sep 25-26 to:
Discuss and agree on the ToR of the Committee
Combine the establishment of the Committee with training on
integrated and humanitarian border management which ACBC was
asked to deliver
• The IBM session followed the standard principles of intra-, inter- and
international cooperation with examples from the recent HBM assessment inDRC

Based on the recent HBM assessment conducted in DRC, sessions on basic
definitions and concepts (1), legal and operational framework (2), SOPs (3),
recommendations (4) and proposed content of the HBM training (5), in
addition to the presentation of the findings of the HBM assessment, were
prepared and delivered
At the end of the workshop, participants endorsed all assessment
recommendations, as well as proposed content of the HBM curriculum