Monday, October 19, 2015

IOM MIDAS Mobile Kit

MIDAS, the Migration Information and Data
Analysis System developed by IOM, is designed to
collect, process and store travellers’ information
at entry and exit border posts for the purpose
of identification, collection and analysis. MIDAS
aims to enhance border facilitation and boder
movement control through information gathering
and connection to national and international
alert lists, including Interpol’s I-24/7 Global
Communication System and its Stolen and Lost
Travel Documents (SLTD) database. MIDAS
provides high quality performances for States
that do not have or currently operate an
inadequate data capture system at their borders.

IOM has created a mobile version to be used in remote ares without reliable power supply or for quick temporary intervention without the need to install desktops and networks

Capturing data with MIDAS Mobile Kit

Data analysis and processing with MIDAS Mobile KIT